If the bloke next door suddenly developed a sharp-tongue and a cutting sense of humour, and teamed it up with a laid-back, friendly persona, he’d be a lot like Mick Neven.

One of Australia’s busiest comedians, Mick is just as comfortable on-stage at the biggest comedy clubs and corporate functions in the city, and the smallest venues and sporting clubs in the country.

His material is observant, sharp and satirical, highlighting the foibles of modern life in a likeable and relatable fashion. It’s intelligent, hilarious and sometimes political, delivered with high-energy and a never-ending stream of punchlines that continually take his jokes to the next level.

‘Mick is one of the best writers on the Comedy Circuit. Every time I work with him, he pulls out new jokes that I wish I’d written’ – Dave O’Neil

Mick is a flexible performer, able to tailor his comedy to suit the specifics of any occasion. If you need a clean set for a formal corporate event or charity fundraiser, or something broader for ‘the blokes’ at a Sportsman’s Night, he can deliver everytime.

‘I’ve worked with a lot of comedian’s at a lot of Sportsman’s Nights, and Mick Neven’s comedy set is one of the best I’ve seen’ – David (the Ox) Schwarz

A regular guest on Melbourne’s 1116SEN radio station, Mick has also appeared on The Circle (Channel10) and Hey Hey It’s Saturday (Channel 9). He’s travelled to entertain Aussie troops serving overseas in the Solomon Islands and appeared in his own solo shows at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and The Adelaide Fringe.

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