Chris Wainhouse is truly a world class comedian with a crazy mind and a cutting-edge wit. 

Having been around for the better part of two decades, Chris has won national and international recognition because of his sidesplitting standup performances.   

Chris Wainhouse’s standup shows are guaranteed sellouts because he brings something new and unprecedentedly hilarious to his audience each time he gets up there.  He picks up the most ingenious themes and ideas to weave his stories around and astounds his viewers with his audacity and confidence. 

Chris has won several honors and awards for his uproarious comedy and is a highly sought-after artist for all sorts of gigs.  He’s hugely popular among corporate clients and has more than a few big-name companies on his CV.  His TV performances include Ten Network’s “Rove Live”, Nine Network’s “The Footy Show”, The Comedy Channel’s Headliners, and Granada Productions “Hit and Run”.  

Chris has been a sensation at some of the world’s most renowned comedy stages including the Comedy Club in Melbourne, The Classic in Auckland, and the Jongluers in the UK.  He won the Triple J Raw Comedy Awards for his act the Antichris and was nominated for the best comedy show award at the Perth Fringe Festival in 2014. 

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