Why Comedians make great MC’s for corporate events

Written by

Rob Brown

Discover 6 easy reasons why you should hire a Corporate Comedian

Corporate events don’t have to be  boring and monotonous.  An easy way to kill event boredom and entertain a serious audience is to break away from the norm.

That’s where corporate comedians come in. 

Comedians are not just suitable for weddings parties and social events. Today we’ll demonstrate how much more they can bring to the table. Many comedians specialise in corporate events, business meetings and workshops that are not only high quality but also entertaining and affordable. Here are some of the reasons to hire a comedian for your next corporate event.

1. They Lighten the Mood

There are a few things that can bring some life to a corporate event audience and improve their overall mood better than a good laugh. Laughter has a way of uniting people. As such, comedians play a critical role in helping to lighten the mood and keep people at ease. Corporate events are notorious for giving off an aura of the typical working environment. Depending on your workplace culture, it’s easy for an event to seem a bit uptight. A good comedian, on the other hand, can make the event feel like any other social event and change people’s perspective. If you want your audience engaged relaxed and ready to share ideas, consider hiring a comedian. Comedians have plenty of options when it comes to using their sense of humour at a corporate event. From cracking a few witty jokes about corporate culture to inserting a few fun performances between the slower parts of the evening. They leverage their creativity to come up with ways to mix things up for the people at the event.  When it comes to audience participation, you can always count on comedians to deliver. Even more importantly, a comedian can transform a potentially dull affair into a fun experience.

2. They can Pass Messages in a Light Way

Most corporate events revolve around passing a message and educating people. Experienced comedians understand the value of keeping up with the event’s theme and incorporate it into their content. This provides a very subtle way of passing a message. While a comedian may not be your first pick for discussing serious topics, the world of comedy is fast changing. Contrary to popular belief, serious topics can be covered and audiences engaged with humour and energy. Nonetheless, comedians can be useful for improving morale and encouraging attendance.  They are often chosen to provide light-hearted humour after the heavy lifting has been done.  Being overly serious can turn an event into a gloomy affair. There’s no harm in breaking the ice and giving your audience an alternative perspective. A bit of laughter between sessions can go a long way in keeping people focused. Happy people are more likely to interact and better remember the presentations or messages passed out to them. Laughter also stimulates the brain. It engages several sections of the brain involved in cognition, emotional perception and movement. The multiple neural processes involved make for a stimulated mental environment which makes it easier for your audience to grasp messages being put across.

3. Promote Your Brand and Company Values

Give the comedian of your choice some basic knowledge about your brand and company’s future objectives, and they can craft the perfect show to touch on these topics. Comedy offers a great way to promote your business and create more brand awareness.

4. Master of Ceremony

When planning an event, the MC is often an afterthought. It’s easy to get carried away organising the programs, venue, catering company, gift bags etc. Everything is essential to the event’s success, but in the end, people are going to remember how they felt. And the emcee’s role is to create that emotional connection. He or she is the person who guides the audience and sets the tone. Your MC is the face of the event.  An emcee’s job is to be cheerful, outgoing and likable. These are qualities possessed by all professional comedians. When hosting a corporate event, you need someone who will coordinate and run the program. Comedians can be perfect masters of ceremony. You can count on an experienced comedian to guide you through the program, injecting some humour into their role and keep the event lively and exciting.  A comedian will come prepared with material for the event and improvise when necessary. He/she will create an audience rapport and keep people entertained throughout the event.  A corporate comedian has hosted countless events. With this level of experience, they have not only encountered almost everything that could possibly go wrong at an event, they have mastered clever and funny ways of dealing with them. A comedian can cover all manner of flaws while keeping your audience blissfully unaware.  What could potentially give your in-house emcee cold feet is simply no big deal for a comedian.  Comedy is also closely tied to perspective. Having a neutral third-party emceeing your event creates an essential distance between the emcee and their material. For example, an in-house emcee poking fun at a particular colleague or department could come off as hurtful. However, a neutral third party can still poke fun at the same department and come off as playful.  Choosing a comedian with the experience, poise and material to deal with any situation that may arise gives you an opportunity to gain true control of your event. Entertainment  is an essential component of most functions, including corporate events. You need to keep people in your event lively, and you can do that by hiring a comedian. The last thing you want is to make your event feel like another workday so choose a comedian who’ll resonate with your crowd to deliver nothing short of high-quality comedy.  A comedian will also know how to renew your worker’s spirits. People will spend a memorable time together without feeling overwhelmed or stiff. Sharing a positive experience improves workplace relationships and eventually leads to a rise in productivity.

5. Stress Relief

A comedian’s performance at an event can maximise the benefits of laughing. Laughter reduces stress hormones such as epinephrine and cortisol, creating a relaxed environment for both your mind and body. According to a recent study, researchers established that the mere anticipation of laughter lowered the levels of three stress hormones: adrenaline, cortisol and dopac by 70, 30 and 38 per cent respectively.

6. Choosing the Right Comedian

Hiring a comedian on your own can be quite tricky. Just because you’ve seen a comedian at an event you attended and they were funny, doesn’t guarantee they’ll work at your event. Comedians come in all shapes and forms. It’s crucial that you hire a specialist in the field of comedy that will hit the mark and leave your audience laughing. Hiring the right comedian requires you to know your audience. Knowing your audience will dictate what sort of act you choose. You also want to do your homework before settling for a comedian. Be sure to get a good sense of their previous work and get all the information you need to make an informed choice. Or you could use Corporate Comedians.  As industry experts you can count on us. Once we get a picture of your event, the audience and the purpose, we are good to go. We will provide you with a selection of comedians we believe will deliver an outstanding performance for your function. We will provide you with photos, Bios and videos of the comedians for you to get a feel for them. There are many advantages to hiring a comedian to perform at your corporate event. Now that you better understand the advantages, Corporate Comedians is ready to help. While you can’t avoid some of the mandatory elements of corporate events, you can always spice things up in a way that your audience is both entertained and engaged during the event.  We have Australia’s Best Comedians, with the skills and competence to take your event to the next level. Whether you’re looking for a traditional stand-up comedian to inject humour into your event, or an MC that will keep your event flowing and ensuring everyone has a great time, we can help. Contact us today and let us help you make your next event memorable.

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