The minute someone suggests using a comedian as the next corporate event entertainment, the next question is always, “how much to hire a comedian?”

A professional comedian for your corporate event will cost between $1500 and $3500. This is the price you will pay for a professional comedian. They will have the experience and skills needed to perform at your Corporate Event or private function.

We only use professional comedians. Our comedians have usually been on the national comedy circuit for well over a decade. They can usually be seen headlining comedy clubs all over the country. Our comedians also perform regularly at corporate events and can cater there material for any crowd. Even though some of our comedians may not have nation recognition, all of them will have radio and television credits.

So what are some of the main factors that impact on the cost of hiring a comedian. Here are just a few things to consider

1. Comedian Profile

The popularity of a comedian is without doubt one of the primary factors that effect price. A comedian that is a household name with a huge fan base is going to cost you more than a comedian that is less well known. It also needs to be remembered here that high profile comedians add more than just some funny at your event. By using high profile acts your organisation and brand gets a profile boost also. The starting price for comedians with profile is around $6000 and could go as high as the mid $30k’s

2. The Date of the Event

Comedians’ prices are governed by the rules of supply and demand, like all other commodities. Comedians are in high demand over the end of year and Christmas Period (October- December). They are also busy mid-year (May-July) and as such are more expensive during these periods.

The day of the week your event is on, also influences the price. You will stand a better chance of getting a comedian cheaper on a Monday lunch time than you will on a Friday or Saturday night.

If your hoping to have a comedian at your event and your budget is a little tight, try and have your event earlier in the week. This is true for not only comedians, most entertainers and even venues will offer cheaper rates for gigs earlier in the week. We understand that this isn’t always possible, but if it is, why not try and have your event early.

3. Location

Another thing that can impact on the price is travel. If the comedian can drive easily to the event, it will be cheaper than if they must fly interstate and stay overnight somewhere.  The cost of flights and accommodation is something else that may need to be included.

Let Corporate Comedians help you hire a comedian that will be a perfect fit for your event, your audience and the message your organisation wants to promote.

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