If you have booked a comedian for your event there are a few things that you need to be mindful of.

Remembering the following tips could change the night from a good one to a great one.


Yes, a comedian needs a stage. This doesn’t have to be a huge area with an orchestra pit and flowing red curtains, but comedians need a raised area from which to perform. A stage with a minimum height of 6 inches will certainly do the trick. Also try to place the stage in an easily visible position in the room. This will allow guests seated further back to clearly see the performance. Guests can get annoyed if they are constantly trying to avoid the heads of people in front to see the comedian.


This seems like a no brainer, however there are times when people have asked if it is needed. Yes It Is. If you are going to use a cordless microphone please ensure that there is at the very least another cordless mic available if problems arise. Cordless microphones are great for giving speeches or making public addresses however, given their propensity to drop out for no reason, they are not preferred by comedians. Also please ensure that the comedian has a mic stand. Most comedians will want their hands free during the performance. A small table or stool to allow the comedian somewhere to place a drink would also be very appreciated.


This is a little more difficult sometimes because of the size or shape of the room, number of guests or tables and chairs available. In a perfect world comedians would prefer to perform to a “Theatre Style” Seating arrangement


This style of seating has everyone facing the comedian nice and close together. Comedy is a very intimate style of performing and for this reason most good comedy venues will try to mimic this seating plan style

The second style of seating, which is extremely popular when people are eating and drinking is the “Boardroom Style”


This style of seating is very popular in non theatre based venues such as pubs and many different clubs, be they golf clubs, football clubs, ect. This style of seating has everyone close to the stage and each other. Meals and drinks are still able to be served and plates cleared away before each performance.

The third and most popular layout for large venues holding large awards ceremonies, sports lunches, weddings ect, is the “Banquet Style” seating


This style of seating allows for large numbers of people to be seated with minimum amount of wasted space. Unfortunately this style of seating will mean that at least a quarter of the guests will not be in a good position to see the comedian. One way to avoid this problem is to have the MC ask those facing the wrong way to turn their chair around just before the comedian comes out. Give the crowd time to get settled and once all the moving has been completed the MC would feel confident introducing the comedian.


Every comedy venue you walk into anywhere in the world has the one lighting theme, very low house lights and a spotlight on the stage. This is for 2 reasons. Firstly, the house lights are down because people don’t feel comfortable laughing when other people can see them. I know that sounds strange but it is true. Many people feel uncomfortable laughing at some jokes because they feel, for some reason, that them laughing at a joke that others may see as inappropriate, makes them inappropriate. Darkness provides a level of anonymity that makes people feel more relaxed. Secondly, a spot light on the comedian draws everyone’s attention to the performer. Comedians, unlike bands or singers, need the audiences undivided attention


The best time to bring your comedian to your guests is when nothing else is happening. When meals have been eaten and plates cleared away is a great time. If you have just had a long list of speeches it may be wise to give everyone a break before bringing on the comedian. Once everyone is settled and focused they will be much more receptive to comedy.

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