You know that feeling of dread when you’ve been left in charge of organizing the corporate event entertainment for this years Awards Night.

Hire a comedian this year,  the boss says after last year’s fire twirler set Margaret’s jacket on fire. But where do you start?

Corporate Comedians specialises in providing Australia’s top comedians and MC’s for Corporate Events. We don’t hire bands, or jugglers, or fire twirlers. (Margaret knows why.) We help you not just hire a comedian, but hire the right comedian.

What We Need

To ensure we get the perfect comedian for your event there are a few things we need to know.

The Date and Location of the Event

We understand that the exact location may not be secured , however the date and the city will need to be known before we can start.

Type Of Event

Before we can select the best corporate comedian for your event we need to know what type of event it is. Is it a dinner or a lunch? Is it a formal dinner, a cocktail party, an awards night or a private party? Is it a black tie event or smart casual? The time of day is also needed. The clearer we are about the type of event the better.


When selecting the right comedian for your event we need to make sure we know as much about your audience as we can. Age, ethnicity and gender mix are all things that will impact on your comedian selection. Knowing your audience will enable us to ensure your comedian is appropriate for your crowd.


Knowing your budget is also important. We cover this topic in the How Much To Hire A Comedians  article. Ensure that your budget not only covers the cost of the comedian but also any additional costs that may also need to be met, such as travel and accommodation costs.
Armed with all of this information the staff at Corporate Comedians will be able to provide you with a few comedians that will compliment your event.

Why Corporate Comedians?

Here are a few things that separate Corporate Comedians from other agencies.
Corporate Comedians deals exclusively with comedians and MC’s.  Our single focus allows us to be experts in our field. We don’t just know comedians, we know comedy.
We will work with you to ensure that not only is the perfect comedian selected for your event, but that the setting compliments the comedy.
We have an amazing working relationship with comedy managers which allows us access to Australia’s best comedians.
The CEO of Corporate Comedians is Rob Brown, one of Australian’s leading Corporate Comedians. Rob has been in the industry for almost two decades.  He not only has a professional relationship with Australia’s top comedians, he considers many of them his friends. It’s these relationships that will connect you with some of the countries best MC’s and comedians.
Something that is also important is that we don’t manage any comedians. This means that the comedians we suggest for your event are the best comedians for your event, not the ones we make more money from.

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