Our Talent

  • Jimeoin


    Jimeoin     Jimeoin is acclaimed as one…

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  • Merrick Watts

    Merrick Watts

      Merrick first came to Australia’s attention as…

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  • Katie Burch

    Katie Burch

      National Runner up in JJJ RAW 2014…

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  • Judith Lucy

    Judith Lucy

    Judith Lucy is one of Australia's most popular…

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  • Claire Hooper

    Claire Hooper

        Claire Hooper is best known for…

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  • Simon Kennedy

    Simon Kennedy

    A comedian with a track record of over…

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  • Nelson Twins

    Nelson Twins

    The Nelson Twins are one of the most…

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  • Mick Molloy

    Mick Molloy

    Mick is one of Australia’s most recognised comedians.…

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  • Mick Neven

    Mick Neven

    If the bloke next door suddenly developed a…

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  • Matt Okine

    Matt Okine

      Australian Comedian & Actor, Matt Okine, began…

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  • Marty Fields

    Marty Fields

    Marty Fields is a rapid-fire power station of…

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  • Lawrence Mooney

    Lawrence Mooney

        Lawrence Mooney is a stand-up comedian…

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